WOD #1 Clovers and Kettlebells

50 Overhead alternating lunges 35/25lb plate

40 Kettlebell Snatch 35/25lbs

30 Single arm alternating kettlebell swing 35/25

20 Plate burpees 35/25lbs

8 minute cap

***Alt lunges-plate cannot touch your head and knee must touch the floor. Kettlebell snatch- arms, knees and hips must fully lock out. KB swing- kettlebell must reach shoulder height position (russian swing) which is also where the kb must switch hands. Plate burpees- plate starts on the floor, chest must touch the plate for the burpee, bring the plate overhead with a full lockout. Plate cannot be dropped until it passes the knees. Kettlebell can NOT be dropped!! There will 5 burpee penalty


WOD #2 Leprechaun Ladder

AMRAP 7 minutes:

Thrusters 75/55lbs

Lying Wipers

starts with 2 reps and increases by 2 reps every round


***Thrusters- must be below 90 on the squat and a full lock out of hips, knees and arms at the top of the movement. Lying wipers- lying on the ground holding the bar above you (like a lockout bench press) feet must start on the ground, lift up and touch the bumper plate, return to the ground and then touch the oposite side. Your foot MUST touch the bumper plate for the rep to count.


WOD #3 Double Under the Rainbow

For time:

800m Row

50 Goblet Squats 53/35lbs

30 Double Unders

***Athlete package will be ready by the end of today March 2nd


Rookie Rumble 2 SCOREBOARD