PLEASE read ALL the information below, before emailing with questions. Thank you!

Competition starts at 8:30am,  678 Alfred Nobel Dr, Hercules CA 94547


This is a PARTNER competition: male-male, female-female

3 WODs, Top 5 go to finals

Rookie Requirements:

*Only 1 year experience, give or take

*NO coaches or personal trainers

*Never competed in an RX competition

*Never placed top 5 in any CrossFit competition

*Cannot RX most WODs

*Coach MUST sign your waiver to verify your eligibility


 Registration opens Sunday September 21st 12pm on


Movement standards: farmer plate carry 35/25lbs, db snatch 50/35lbs, walking lunge 50/35lbs, L-sit (can bend knees) squat cleans 75/55lbs, partner shoulder to overhead (shared load) 135/95lbs, kettlebell swing 53/35lbs, deadlifts 135/95lbs, burpees

*movements subject to change


* NO refunds!!! You can contact to see about a waitlist, which is the only way to get a "refund"

If you have questions, Contact Lesha Kastl at: