PLEASE read ALL the information below, before emailing with questions. Thank you!

Competition starts at 8:30am,  678 Alfred Nobel Dr, Hercules CA 94547

There will be room in the parking lot for athlete tents. NO BBQS.

REGISTRATION: Saturday Sept 6th 12-2pm OR Sunday Sept 7th 6:45-8am

NO LATE ENTRIES! Must come with a signed waiver.



WOD #1 Gymnasty Fight

20 Box Jumps 24/20inch

10 Hang Squat Cleans 115/75lbs (scaled 75/55lbs)

4 12ft Handstand Walks (scaled can spot each other)

7 minute AMRAP

One partner must be holding the bar, at hips or lower (no squatting or sitting), throughout the whole workout. If the bar touches the ground, at any time during the amrap, it is an immediate 1 burpee penalty. Scaled can only set the bar down to spot each other on the handstand walks.

WOD #2 Eat my dust

Against a 13 minute clock:

200 Double Unders

70 Push Press 115/75lbs (scaled 75/55lbs)

60 Alternating Wall Balls 20/14lbs, 10/9ft (1 burpee penalty if the ball hits the ground)

200m Partner carry (any style carry you choose)


AMRAP: Partner Squats

Alternating Wall balls must switch in mid air (cant hand the ball to each other) and must switch athletes every 2 reps

Once you get your completion time, after the partner carry, you do as many reps as possible of Partner Squats. You may hold your partner however you choose. Each rep deletes a second off of your WOD time. *Example: Finished WOD #2 at 12:06 and got 6 reps of the partner squat, your score will be 12:00 minutes


WOD #3 Who’s Got Stones

6 Atlas Stone to Shoulder Lunge 73/50lbs (scaled does not preform the lunge portion)

8 Burpees over partner

20 K.B. Snatch 53/35lbs (scaled 35/25lbs)

8 minute AMRAP

Atlas stone to shoulder lunge: once feet return together, after the lunge, the atlas stone will be brought back to the floor.

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* NO refunds!!! You can contact to see about a waitlist, which is the only way to get a refund. Last day to transfer athlete names in wodrocket August 24th.  After that date, they must compete under your name.

If you have questions, Contact Lesha Kastl at: