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Chae Fields:

Chae is a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist but the majority of her knowledge comes from her own personal experiences in life and her physical transition from a woman with a lifetime of bad habits and weighing over 300 lb to a woman who is strong and happy and no longer looks at weight as an important figure...although she did drop 140 lb! By discovering a deep sense of self-love, she was able to (slowly) change her life through diet and exercise. She was able to completely come off all of her medications for and reverse the symptoms of a leaky gut, psoriasis, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammation, depression, anxiety, and alopecia areata. She's all about spreading self awareness and love through cooking and eating clean. She believes that the way we feed ourselves is reflected in not just our physical and mental health, but in the health of our spirit, the health of our relationships with others and the health of our connection to the Earth.