I wanted to share some before/after picture’s of my “getting, and staying, healthy” journey so far. I'm kind of shy about sharing this kind of stuff but I wanted to show you and say THANK YOU to you both! You have been such a huge part of my success and journey. Hercules CrossFit and the environment you create has been a huge part of my, and our, success. You welcome everyone with hugs and high fives, but you never baby us. You give us the exact amount of tough love that we need. Like Coach B says “You are here because the other stuff didn't work!!”. I've had to put my feelings of fear aside and trust that you are giving me the best so that I can change. I am so thankful I met and trained with Lesha two years ago, and thank God HCF was still around when I was ready to come back. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me about my nutrition and letting me bug you with questions nonstop. And I know I will continue to have more, it has been so beneficial for me to check in with either of you every month or so and recap what I have been doing. I'm proud of this journey. And unlike the dozens of times I have tried to do this in the past, this time really is different. I am taking it slow, consistent, and steady. I am taking the time to educate myself along the way, which means ignoring the popular and common myths that are out there. I will no longer measure my success with a scale. Yes, eventually I want to weigh less but not if it means getting weaker or starving myself. I have maintained the same 25lb weight loss for four months, in the past I would have found this discouraging...but my clothes keep getting smaller even though the scale has not gone down!! I love that you have taught me the right way to get healthy – EAT, eat clean, and eat often. Get rid of all that low calorie/low fat junk and just eat real, whole food. And lift big. Want to lose fat? Lesha continues to remind me to lift weight, and aim for the heavy ones. It is so common for us ladies to grab those 3, 5, and 8lb weights and do high reps, never again. I am a big girl and I have only gotten smaller the heavier I lift. The strongest ladies in our class are some of the smallest, they are compact and solid muscle! So many people have started to ask me what I am doing, how much weight have I lost...and I tell them. The most common responses are that they can’t eat that much or have some excuse why they don’t want to lift heavy weights. I tell them they have to trust the process, trust the coaches. CrossFit is not like any other fitness program out there. It’s different, but it works. In the beginning I was scared about the heavy weights, constant eating, and protein shakes. I thought I was going to get bigger. When I started the meal plan Coach B gave me I was not happy, it was completely out of my comfort zone to be eating six meals per day. Goodbye carrot sticks and almonds, hello meat/fish/bacon and protein shakes!! And sure enough within a few weeks I dropped about 20lbs. I have been at HCF for eight months and I am so happy with how far I have come. I still have a lot to learn and do, more before/after pics, but it’s all good. I will get there. In the meantime I am going to continue to sweat and have fun. Like I said earlier, the HCF family is amazing. No matter what fitness level you are there is always someone at The Box cheering you on. You may be the last one finishing your workout, but you are never alone. You class hangs around to cheer you on until you finish. I have met so many wonderful people here, each one of them has said an encouraging word for me when I needed it most. They have been a huge blessing to me along the way.

I just can't thank you enough for teaching me the right way to get healthy. I have never been able to stick to a lifestyle change for this long because it was boring and the success/gains/losses were always short term. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

The pic on the left is from Feb 2012 and the pic on the right is from Aug 2012.

 My name is Zack Height and I am a coach at CrossFit CenCal in Stockton California.I met Lesha and Bryan at the CrossFit Olympic Lifting certification at CrossFit West Santa Cruz a couple of months ago. Lesha, you did just a few minutes of work on my tight (under statement) hips and I felt immediate relief. Here's the kicker, it felt better the next day. And then the next day it felt even better. Honestly, my low back and hips haven't felt this good since before I injured myself over a year ago.

Before you worked on me I would have to spend hours stretching and rolling to train at the intensity I wanted. Since then I'm down to stretching before and after workouts alone. Flexibility and pain-free range fully maintained. So I just wanted to send my sincere thanks out to you Lesha. As of last week I was ranked 10th in the Nor Cal region for the CrossFit Games open. It is my unwavering belief that the mobility you helped me regain has played a large role in my success up to this point. Thank you really doesn't say enough to express how appreciative I am for your help. If I'm ever in your area I will make it a point to stop in your box and say hello. Thank you so much.

Zack Height
CrossFit CenCal

Mike lost 107lbs in 6 months!!!!!!!
BEFORE                                                                                                    AFTER
Jesus Aguilar- " Using Bryan and Lesha Kastl's CrossFit program and eating healthier (FRESH fruits,veggies, and LEAN Protein), I have lost 50 pounds in 8 months and I feel better than ever. CrossFit is an awesome way to lose weight, build    endurance, strength, and feel better about yourself.  CrossFit has definitely taken my life to the next level
 Come join us and be CrossFit to your CORE!!!!       

Chris Wright-Hello everyone my name is Chris, I want to tell everyone what a difference a few months can make. I knew I needed to get some exercise and started at Hercules Fitness a few days a week. I was going to cycle class when i saw the flyer for Crossfit and thought it sounded like a good workout. That was first time I met Bryan, He immediately made me feel comfortable and made me want to come back even though I was sore for a week after that first workout. I kept coming back and now I can't imagine not going. I started in March I was about 280 lbs, now here it is July and I'm down to 245. I was hoping to lose a few pounds and be in better shape by my 50th B-day in August, HELLO !!!! check ya boy out now!!!!! I feel great, I have greater energy at work and home, my 4 yr old can't wear me out now ( she is a crossfit kid with Lesha ). Bryan and Lesha have changed my life in the best possible way giving me Health and fitness. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'll get there with the help of my new Crossfit family. If anyone is thinking about doing crossfit the only thing holding you back is you, Crossfit for life baby!!                         






Mark Villarin

I first started excising @ Hercules Fitness early January 2010 prior to that I had not worked out for nearly a year due to injuries. I first started my exercise endeavor weighing nearly 244 pounds and over 43% body fat so this was not an easy task for me. I started off doing free weights and treadmill 5 days a week doing this for nearly 2 months with very minimal weights loss nor any significant strength or muscle gains. So I decided to mix in some Aerobics classes 3 times a week doing this for another 2 months, I started feeling more endurance and losing about 10 lbs but nothing what I wanted nor expected for the time and effort I’ve been putting into it. So one day I asked Lesha if she could show me some workouts I can do to strengthen my traps and shoulders, so she showed me a crossfit move (Power Snatch) WOW!! That was something new to me I instantly felt my muscles working for the first time in a long time! Not to mention I was sore for a week J but that was great because I haven’t felt my muscles get worked that hard for quite some time! I knew at that moment I wanted to learn more about these crossfit moves. I shortly after decided to try a crossfit class which I barely completed but had felt I actually worked out and accomplished something. Since mid May 2010 I’ve been doing crossfit and have seen measurable physical improvements, A leaner physique, increased flexibility, impressive strength gains and aerobic endurance all which I’ve been lacking the past 4 months of my long repetitive boring workout routines on an average of 2 hrs sometimes more per day . Now I get a more efficient workouts from a 1 hour CrossFit class than I did from 3 sessions of my past workout routines not to mention I have more time in my life to spend with my kids, family and friends. As of now I have lost a Total of 46 lbs decreased my body fat 25% less then I originally started with, I quadrupled the amount of weight I used to lift, feel great and have way more energy to keep up and spend more quality time with my 3 beautiful kids.

I would say this to all people that are serious about feeling better, want more time in their lives and want to see results. TRY CROSSFIT! stop wasting your time with all the other boring repetitive workout and aerobic routines!

Thanks again Bryan and Lesha!
-Mark Villarin

Michelle Anaya- "Bryan and Lesha's CrossFit class was absolutely the best regime I ever tried. They provide pos itive feedback and train in such a positive way that you want to do your best for yourself and them.
They are with you 100% offering advise & tips. I highly recommend them to anyone and can't wait to begin classes again after the new year.  Thank you both so much!!"
Staci Thompson-"After having my daughter about a year and half earlier, I finally wanted to get back in shape and lose my baby tummy weight. I kept reading on facebook about Bryan and Lesha Kastl and CrossFit I finally decided what the heck is it and tried it out. Oh my gosh, I seriously thought I was going to get sick afterwards. I couldn't walk for like 3 days. I missed the next class because I just felt like I couldn't do it. Bryan was very encouraging. I did go back a week later. Each week I could tell I was getting stronger and stronger. Finally after months of CrossFit, I was addicted to it. If for some reason I could make it, I felt like my body would go in to shock and have withdrawl.
Bryan is amazing instructor. He knows what you can do and believe it or not, will push you to reach new goals. He may be hard but he is hard because he cares about you and wants you to have a healthy lifestyle.
I remember the first time doing sit-ups. Oh my! My stomach muscles were so weak. I wanted to stop at 25. Months later on Bryan"s last day teaching Martinez guess how many sit-ups I did? 200. If you would have told me in a few months I would be doing 200 sit-ups, I would have laughed at you. Same goes with the push-ups. I think I was only able to do five. I can't remember who many I did on the last day but was A LOT! Bryan encouraged me everytime it was time to do push-up to try as many as I could reg. style. My shoulder would pop and hurt but I finally go to the point where I was able to do 10 before dropping to my knees. 
CrossFit is amazing. It is very hard and intense but you are don in 20 min and you feel so good afterwards. It made me feel so much stronger. I noticed my baby stomach fat shrinking down. Not only that but my back stopped hurting at night when I would sleep.
Due to change in schedule and other factors, I have not been to a CrossFit class in months. I really miss it and hoping soon I can join again.
There are really no excuses why no one can do CrossFit. Just to talk to Bryan or Lesha and if they have to, they will modify the workouts.
Thank you so much for introducing CrossFit to me. You guys are the best!"

Deborah Rekedal-If you live in Hercules or the surrounding areas, there is no reason for you to be out of shape, Bryan & Lesha's Hercules CrossFit to the rescue!Bryan & Lesha will not only surround you with positive attitude, they will help you transform your body with a great workout in minimal time. They put together short intense workouts that get results. No need to waste your life in the gym when you workout with Bryan & Lesha.
Michelle Filbert- "Hey Bryan...This is awesome!! Love your CrossFit workouts! You have a great motivating personality and sense of how to push us to do our best--which we don't know until we brin g it! See you Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11am!!
Name?  Veronica (Hercules CrossFit)
What is your athletic background?  Growing up I participated in years of dance, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and martial arts. It's been over a year or so since I've competed in a karate tournament (fighting/sparring) but I have never competed in a fitness competition.

What motivates you to win?  Knowing my body and rediscovering my fitness ability definitely helps motivate me. Having the support from my coaches, family, and peers is always a plus as well. Someone praising my efforts and telling me that I CAN do it is the best feeling--most importantly when that someone is me.

Shout outs?  To my parents, because good genes are half the equation. To Brian, my other half, for always supporting me in whatever I do. To Hercules CrossFit and my coaches Lesha, Bryan, and Dave, thanks for getting me where I am and where I will be. HCF BABY!! COME GET SOME!!
Name?  Danielle (Hercules Crossfit)

What encouraged you to compete in Femme Fit?  My coach at Hercules Crossfit fueled my desire to compete, and has helped me push myself to limits I never thought I could reach.

What is your athletic background?  Femme Fit will be my first athletic competition of this kind.

What are your top 3 goals?  Train and work hard,Never quit
Name?  Amanda (Hercules Crossfit)

What are your expectations?  To go out there and have a fantastic fun time with some wonderful athletes!

What is your athletic background?  Grew up as a swimmer. Recently began competing in crossfit events around the area.

Shout outs?  HERCULES CROSSFIT BABY!!!! My wonderful trainer Dave Gonzalez, who put in hours of time in the box with me!!!! Bryan and Lesha who run the best crossfit box in the bay!!!!
Tricia Goodall Rubio  ~Update~
So it's been one month that I posted I was ready to change my 40 yr old Body!1st~ Bryan is truly amazing, he has the knowledge, tools, &power to inspire.2nd~ the down falls 3 minor injuries, one kept me fromtraining for 1week.3rd~ My 40th birthday celebration that lasted the
whole month of Jan into the 1week of Feb. 4th~ between all that I trained w/Bryan 2days a week and cardio 3days a week.THE RESULTS ~ Down one whole pants size, down several pounds of fat, and have gained several pounds of muscle. My clothes look and feel better. I feel better more energy and truly STRONGER! This month is going to be even better..... Thanks everyone for support and checking in. And if you can take advantage of Bryan's great deals he is offering. If your ready it will change your Life.....Good Luck Everyone!

Kristina King - I have had lower back pain for four months. I finally decided to get in to see Bryan for a massage. All I can say is WOW! In 30 minutes, the pain was pretty much gone. I have had two sessions, and can now resume almost all normal daily functions. I was in the middle of vacuuming the living room, when I realized I ...wasn’t in pain. If you are on the fence about massage therapy, all I can say is don’t wait four months – get in and to see Bryan and/or Lesha to deal with it now so you can get on with life.

I am writing this testimonial to compliment and promote a great couple and great program. I was 255 lbs in October. I had gone to my 35th high school reunion and my pictures had come back. Looking at them, I wasn't too flattered. I also play USTA tennis and my game was pretty good but, I was having numerous injuries keeping me from participation. I decided I needed to lose weight and get in better shape. First, I decided to take the Hercules Fitness weight loss/detox class. It helped a lot but, I already gave them a testimonial so, this one is for Bryan and Lesha.
I had been spinning about 3 times per week which is a great cardio workout and I worked on weight machines twice a week but, something was missing.I was losing some weight but, I wasn't getting stronger and I still had nagging injuries. On a whim I decided to take Bryan and Lesha's CrossFit class. What a shock ! It was only 30-40 minutes long, including the warm up and cool down. The workout time was only 20 minutes but, I was exhausted. Burpees ( if you did them in PE class you never did them like this ), sit ups, push ups, and lunges. The workouts constantly change and include several devices that are probably on the Geneva conventions list of banned torture devices. I was sore for about 4 days but, I tried it the next week and my recovery time was shorter and I started losing weight much faster. When my recovery time got down to 2 days, I decided to go twice a week and started to feel stronger. I went back on the tennis court with renewed confidence and both teammates and opponents started to take notice and compliment me as I started beating them regularly. I have taken over one of the top spots on my Seniors tennis team. I am now 215 lbs and my game is back !!
Another part of this team is Lesha ( Bryans wife ) who teaches both the CrossFit classes and Strike Fit ( based on Muai Thai Kickboxing ) classes. Lesha and Bryan are both excellent sports injury therapists as well. Lesha has helped me manage both tennis elbow and a rotator cuff injury that was hurting me and my game. Also, when I work as a substitute teacher and can't make Bryans class, I take Lesha's class and it is excellent ! If you have a chance, I recommend you try them out and remember that it isn't easy and it will hurt a little to start but, the benefits that I have gotten are well worth it.

Paul Mariuzza ( retired teacher/coach )